Powerful Recruitment Reports Streamline the Process for Eastern New Mexico University 

In our annual Client Survey, we asked our clients to tell us about a recent success they have had using an EMAS Pro product. Here’s the success story that ENMU has to share…

What were you able to achieve recently with EMAS Recruitment Pro? 

Cody at ENMU: “With the EMAS Pro Power Report Writer (EMAS Pro PRW), ENMU has been able to streamline many different processes, especially with a very important market segment.  Not only has this saved time for our Coordinator of Technology and Communications (EMAS Pro Admin) but also created more buy-in and ownership from our recruitment staff.

“Our big achievement was getting rid of a ‘shadow’ database and various excel spreadsheets containing high school staff information. We now have a market segment (HSS) assigned to our high school staff including superintendents, principals, counselors, secretaries, and registrars.”

How were you doing things previously and how were results different before?

Cody: “Each high school had a contact card that was in a shared Outlook account. Within each card, we listed each position, email and contact information. Using Outlook was easy for reviewing information, but caused us to have various Excel lists with different counselor information per event, i.e. counselor luncheons, preview day mailings, etc. We also relied very heavily on our Coordinator to pull the needed data for each event or mailing. Our situation is somewhat unique at ENMU, in that everyone in our department has a recruiting territory, even the director.  When our Coordinator was on the road, some data pulls or mailings were rushed upon his returning to campus.”

How did your recent Success Story come to happen?   Did something change on your campus?   Did someone at EMAS Recruitment Pro help you get there?

Cody: “We attended a session presented by University of Indianapolis (Uindy) at the 2013 EMAS Pro National Conference.  UIndy had incorporated high school staff into their EMAS Recruitment Pro system.  We were amazed with their success story and decided we could do the same thing and basically ‘Easternize.’ We had some really good discussion with UIndy and Sean Gottlieb of EMAS Pro about implementing while at the conference, where we learned some pointers like making sure the high school contact was linked with the high school located in the HSchools screen.”

How did you proceed to change things or do things differently?

Cody: “We knew with the EMAS Pro PRW that anything was possible.  First we looked at our high school Outlook contact and started mapping where the information would be placed in a student record.  Then we started looking at all the events and mailing that needed to be pulled out of EMAS Recruitment Pro.  We were also in the process of implementing a new travel reporting process/form.  To accomplish moving the Outlook contacts into EMAS Recruitment Pro, we incorporated/repurposed the UDF1 screen.  This allowed us to have custom fields that are only used for our HSS market segment.  We also incorporated the events screen used not only for pre-travel but for reporting.”

What do you think was a necessary element about your campus or office that made the situation ripe to occur (if any)?

Cody: “We know that each year before travel begins, we would have to update the Outlook contacts, so this was prime time to suggest a change and implement a few new processes.  Not only was change discussed to eliminate the ‘shadow’ databases and have accurate information, but that although a little heavy with data entry in the beginning, this change would make the processes easier for events and mailings.”

What do you think was a necessary element about your training on the product or service that made the situation ripe to occur (if any)?

Cody: “With any changes you make, you have to get buy-in with your folks.  To get buy-in, you have to provide examples and show that what you are asking your staff to accomplish . . . will work. We took a test school and proceeded to create the necessary EMAS Pro PRW reports, first showing the staff that they could get the same-looking report of their high school contacts as they did from Outlook along with a few new enhancements such as school visit letter, high school visit postcards and counselor luncheon information.

“With each new process/enhancement we do in EMAS Recruitment Pro, we provide a step by step instruction sheet that our staff places in their Enrollment Services notebook for reference.”

How did EMAS Pro software specifically help you achieve your success?

Cody: “EMAS Recruitment Pro has provided us with the tools to make our vision come to life!”

Eastern New Mexico University

Eastern New Mexico University (ENMU) is a public, 4 year state institution. ENMU uses Banner as its student information system and the entire EMAS Recruitment Pro Suite for recruiting, sending email campaigns, and building relationships via their student portal. Eastern has been an EMAS Pro client for 12 years.