Eastland-Fairfield Career & Technical Schools

“We are more efficient, look more professional, and definitely are more accurate with our reports thanks to EMAS Recruitment Pro!” -Angela Lehew, Marketing & Recruiting Specialist


With the growing number of enrollment applications and communication inquires, Eastland-Fairfield Career & Technical Schools found it difficult to connect with prospective students and accurately report recruitment and communication costs. From a marketing standpoint, Angela LeHew, Marketing and Recruiting Specialist, wanted an enrollment management CRM that could automate personalized communications to target markets and decrease communication costs.


In an effort to personalize their recruiting outreach and provide accurate reports, Eastland-Fairfield chose EMAS Recruitment Pro as their enrollment management CRM in 2009. With EMAS Recruitment Pro they were able to determine and report the real cost of their recruiting programs and communication cost with the 70 integrated reporting options and a powerful resource planner.

According to LeHew, “Before we implemented EMAS Recruitment Pro, we were using generic form letters and excel spreadsheets to communicate. There was no master list; each recruiter kept their own data. It was a very cumbersome and we were not nearly as effective as we wanted to be.”

Although Eastland-Fairfield evaluated other enrollment management software solutions, EMAS Pro’s Managed Services solution had added appeal, providing ongoing additional resource and support as well as consultation on best practices.

According to Lorna Harris, EMAS Pro’s Managed Services Manager, “From a Managed Services standpoint, it has been a real pleasure working with Angela LeHew. Managed Services has helped Eastland Fairfield answer many recruiting outreach questions, assisted in the creation of potential students’ records, and reduced the reliance on their IT department. We look forward to continue working with Eastland-Fairfield and to continue to help improve their recruitment process.”


“By streamlining our efforts using EMAS Recruitment Pro, we’re able to house every piece of information we gather on a potential student in one place and make it easily accessible to those who use it. The data is consistent no matter who accesses it. Reporting is now a simple function and we’re using our data to drive our recruiting efforts in a smarter, more informed way. The integrated communications piece of EMAS Recruitment Pro has been a huge asset. No longer are there different versions of the same letter or confusion over which communication item to send.” said LeHew.

EMAS Recruitment Pro has helped Eastland-Fairfield Career and Technical Schools increase their enrollment numbers consistently over the past three years. They spend less money on direct mail and are able to focus their efforts on admitting qualified students.

According to Angela LeHew, “With the help of EMAS Pro, we were able to identify areas where growth was needed, and in some cases, it helped us determine when it was time to discontinue a program due to declining enrollment. We are accurately able to report these results and make these decisions.”


Eastland-Fairfield Career & Technical Schools will continue to use EMAS Recruitment Pro as their enrollment management CRM tool to increase enrollment numbers and report accurate results, which will continue to save them money.

According to Angela LeHew, “EMAS Recruitment Pro has transformed the way we work with prospective students. We have been able to do things that only a couple of years ago seemed like pipe dreams. We have truly become a pacesetter among career-tech institutions in Ohio thanks to the foundation EMAS Recruitment Pro has helped us build.”


Eastland-Fairfield Career & Technical Schools strive to offer high-tech, in-demand programs designed for students in their junior and senior year of high school. In addition to the 40 traditional career and technical programs, such as Auto Technology, Welding, and Cosmetology, Eastland-Fairfield offers many programs designed specifically for students who intend to continue their education at a college or university.