Michigan Technological University

EMAS Campaign Pro provides huge benefits for Michigan Technological University. Prior to 2011, the University was sending batch emails through their rudimentary campus communication system.  While they were having great success with EMAS Recruitment Pro, they had not yet made the move to integrate email campaigns into their EMAS Pro communication plan.  When they switched on the EMAS Campaign Pro service, it made a world of difference!

We asked Rachel Connors, admissions advisor at Michigan Tech, what inspired their commitment to leverage the robust capabilities for email campaigns in EMAS Pro and how they managed the change.  Here is her story:

“In the winter of 2011, the Michigan Tech Admissions Office decided to take a comprehensive look at the effectiveness of its marketing and communication efforts (MARCOM). They asked themselves: “Does what we are doing make sense?” This self-assessment turned up two needs that drove their strategic overhaul and led them to choose to leverage EMAS Campaign Pro within their integrated, multi-channel communication plan.

“Michigan Tech’s admissions office had been using the campus communication system to send email messages to prospective students. The emails were sent to prospects by the IT department in plain text; the links weren’t pretty and the admissions office could not track any results.  They wanted to be able to track the effectiveness of their email campaigns

“Additionally, the admissions staff was wondering just how connected they were to their students with all the emerging communication channels. They needed to get better at electronic communications. They knew they needed to start sending HTML-based emails to capture the prospective students’ attention and leverage the university brand. As a technological university, sending plain text messages didn’t look the best.

“They tried using iModules, an already existing system on campus, but this option burdened another department and did not give the admissions staff the autonomy they needed.

“With EMAS Campaign Pro (ECP), they now analyze their email campaigns on a regular basis. They track relevant MARCOM data – (day of the week, the total mailed, unique opens, open rate, total clicks, click rates, opt-outs and bad email addresses) and run summary reports to see the immediate and long term results of any and all email campaigns. This ability to analyze campaign performance has helped them reshape their MARCOM Strategy and has impacted their bottom line in powerful ways.

  • Monitoring action on their invitations, and launching personalized responses. The admissions staff can now send out “Save the Date” or “Open House” emails to prospective students and track how many signed up as a result of the email. They know how many and who is reading their emails and taking action.
  •  Monitoring “saturation” and keeping students’ attention. Michigan Tech partners with an online college fair site. They switched from postcard to email announcements for these monthly online fairs. Through the ECP data reports, the admissions staff noticed that the open rates were declining over time, something they could not have measured with postcards. They decided to limit the emails for these low-performance events so as not to overwhelm students, and keep their attention for more important events.
  •  Reducing work load while improving results.  EMAS Campaign Pro (ECP) has provided huge benefit to Michigan Tech’s  Regional Admissions Managers (the university’s regional recruitment staff). They used to send individual post cards to make direct contact with each student, a lot of work with little ability to track the impact. Now they just send Rachel their criteria, and an email campaign goes out quickly.  The existing, branded templates allow Rachel to send a quick test email for proofing, and EMAS Pro queues it and sends it to the appropriate students.  This streamlined process allows all staff to have a lighter work load and contact the students faster.
  •  Timely invites to the Honors Institute, result in increased commitment and enrollment. Michigan Tech’s Honors Institute replaced its hand-signed, printed invitations with elegant email invitations to admitted students.  While the hand-signed ones were nice, the process was too lengthy to provide the student with an appropriate decision turn-around time, and did not provide a way to measure the impact of the time investment.  Students now receive the initial invitation right away in November, and then immediately following each student’s acceptance. As a result, the Institute has seen an increase in applications earlier in the process—and a higher commitment to Michigan Tech.

There are three admissions staff members that share the role of sending email campaigns so they are covered if any one or two of them are away. Michigan Tech is grateful for the tremendous support from the EMAS Pro staff, especially Lorna, their main go-to person. The support team provides web meetings and quick email and phone responses, they are right on top of it.


Rachel Connors joined the Michigan Tech admissions team originally as a  student working as a telecounselor. Over the course of 3 years, she worked her way to becoming a supervisor and then manager in the call center. After graduation, she worked in another department for a short while, returning to the admissions office in 2011 as an Admissions Advisor. Her main focus in this role is as the communications coordinator.