Southern New Hampshire University

“At Southern New Hampshire University, we offer a wide range of undergraduate, graduate, certificates and Ph.D. programs via different delivery systems at several domestic and international campus locations. Each program/location was operating their recruitment and enrollment process differently, and each process was largely manual and not standardized.” (Content for this case study was contributed and approved by the Director of Enrollment Operations for SNHU)


“It was challenging to coordinate seamless recruiting efforts across programs and campuses. Our main goal related to CRM practices was to streamline the recruitment and enrollment processes. The aim was to standardize, automate and yet personalize communication with prospective students through the entire enrollment funnel.

“SNHU fosters an entrepreneurial environment, and we wanted a robust, scalable and flexible CRM system to meet our changing needs. We chose EMAS because it offered a solution for almost all the end users — the ability to utilize EMAS Pro for the differing needs of offices and departments on our campuses.”


“Since implementing EMAS Recruitment Pro, we at Southern New Hampshire have seen remarkable improvements in staff efficiency, the volume of effective student outreach, enhanced data management practices, and have also noticed shorter enrollment cycles.”


“In EMAS Recruitment Pro, we track and report to better understand our recruiting practices, and we’ve also begun creating unique fields within EMAS Recruitment Pro to track important data for different recruiting areas. For example, we generate reports on conversion rates for specific departments, majors and schools on campus. These reports help us understand the viability of recruitment areas as well as specific programs. They also guide us in our future travel planning as well as other recruitment efforts.

“Reporting and data management are becoming more important in this tough economic environment and because of the ease of reporting through EMAS Recruitment Pro, almost everyone in our admissions office has data available at their fingertips. EMAS Pro training is conducted regularly for all users — from staff to directors — across campus. Users are now enabled to run queries/reports for their departments on their own and do not have to depend on a few power users.”


“Visible staff efficiencies have been created through the automated communications function in EMAS Recruitment Pro. Follow-ups are set up automatically when a prospective students fulfills the criteria we’ve established. Our staff no longer has to manually input communications or follow up on missing documents, thus saving time spent on manual processes.

“EMAS Pro has also enabled some departments at SNHU to become ‘paperless’. We still find it necessary to communicate by mail with certain group of students but our online program mainly communicates via email and uses the telecounseling features in EMAS Telecounseling Pro. The communication history feature is available to users to see details of every interaction that SNHU has had with the student and set communication in motion without the need of manual intervention.

“We have streamlined our communication practices, which in turn has enabled our staff to spend more time working with students and performing other job functions. It was a big project to implement and set up our communication programs, but now all of our communications are standardized and yet has the ability to be personalized as needed via the use of ‘logic’ in EMAS Recruitment Pro. The automation allows our staff to not spend time implementing communication plans manually, and our messaging is more consistent instead of each department doing something completely different.”


“SNHU has been able to reach out to more prospective students by utilizing EMAS Recruitment Pro. Email and telecounseling features of EMAS Telecounseling Pro help the outreach in terms of speed and cost savings. This is especially important at the inquiry stage. We can make meaningful contact early in the process with these students that may have fallen through the cracks before EMAS. Through EMAS Recruitment Pro’s reports, we’ve seen the importance to our enrollment of early contact with students and are now better able to put early forms of contact into practice.”


“The automated communication functionality within EMAS Recruitment Pro has made our conversion rates better. We are seeing a difference in how quickly inquiries move through to the applicant and then the enrolled stages.”
Many departments at SNHU which used to rely on the admissions department for information, now access EMAS. They are empowered to access their information . . .”

“We have also created a ‘complete file’ field within EMAS Recruitment Pro so that now our staff can run reports on whether or not a student’s file is complete and have this information available quickly. We can run this report daily, and are now able to accept students faster instead of waiting for staff to look through a student’s paper file and then make its way to different individuals for a final decision.”

“EMAS Pro in general is user friendly and intuitive. Many departments at SNHU which used to rely on the admissions department for information, now access EMAS. They are empowered to access their information, reach out to students and do their own reporting. End users find it easy to use, understand and interpret.”


“SNHU is currently working on major strategy goals for the University for the next 5-10 years. We all know that the traditional programs are on the verge of a plateau, and that the adult student population is steadily increasing. The University-wide goals will help us chart our future path and EMAS Pro will be a key role in our future plans.”


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