University of Michigan–Flint

Our undergraduate program was using EMAS Pro and I attended a training seminar with them when they were transitioning into the new version. I immediately saw the benefits of EMAS Pro and inquired about using it for graduate admission purposes.” -Brad Maki, Director of Graduate Admissions


The University of Michigan–Flint is the fastest growing public university in the state of Michigan and offers degrees in over 100 undergraduate and 40 graduate areas. Recently added graduate degrees include English, Social Sciences, Computer Science and Information Systems, and Nursing. Although it has a relatively small graduate school, in the past several years the University of Michigan–Flint has experienced a rapid increase in the number of graduate applicants. The admissions team was finding it difficult to keep up with student communication demands and needed to implement new technology to not only manage student inquires, but to proactively reach out and obtain the top applicants. Due to these increasing application numbers, the university realized the importance of implementing a CRM tool to better handle recruiting and enrollment demands, while managing and maintaining multi-channel communications to inquiries and applicants.

According to Brad Maki, Director of Graduate Admission from the University of Michigan–Flint, “Before EMAS Recruitment Pro we were in the dark ages. We would get requests for information by phone or email. A secretary would write down names and addresses, and send those people material. No keeping the information for future reference or communication, no tracking through the admissions funnel.”


EMAS Recruitment Pro is a staff multiplier and provides complete control over student records. It uses 360 degree tracking of multi-channel communication plans that deliver effective messages to students. EMAS Recruitment Pro is designed to parallel an institution’s unique enrollment management strategy and provide complete control of and real-time access to student records through secure data tools and robust reporting capabilities. The user friendly EMAS Pro software allows universities to segment candidate markets based on unique criteria and trigger communication plans without involving IT programmers. EMAS Pro allows universities to build, manage, and maintain an unlimited number of automated and personalized communication flows for direct mail, email, and phone campaigns.


With the help of the EMAS Pro CRM software that was implemented in 2004, the University of Michigan–Flint has consistently boosted their enrollment numbers while decreasing communication costs. Since 2004, the university has increased graduate applications by 57%, increased graduate admissions by 46%, and increased graduate program inquiries by 25%.

According to Jon Davidson, Marketing Communications Specialist at the University of Michigan–Flint, “EMAS Pro plays a central role in the university’s graduate enrollment goals. EMAS Pro is the primary tool for developing relationship building with prospective students. The university’s graduate school has seen significant growth of 120% over the past five years and EMAS has helped to facilitate our enrollment goals.”

EMAS Pro is the original enrollment management software for higher education and takes pride in client satisfaction. “When you call for technical support you get someone you know on the phone. They are good about troubleshooting problems and thinking of ways to make the system work for your needs. We have made several special requests for product enhancements and many of them have already been implemented,” said Maki.

According to Anna Gosselin, VP Client Services for EMAS Pro, “The graduate enrollment management team at University of Michigan–Flint did a creative and effective job setting up EMAS Pro to address their specific recruitment needs. While they face decentralization challenges typical of graduate admissions operations, they segmented their markets and personalized their communications to meet program-specific recruitment needs. They started with a focused effort for two programs, and soon those programs became the envy of all graduate departments. Their centralized Office of Graduate Programs now uses EMAS Pro to recruit for all graduate programs.”


It is essential for a rapidly growing school to obtain the technology needed to properly recruit the right students for their university. As the University of Michigan–Flint continues to implement other EMAS Pro Solutions (Recruitment Pro, Online Pro, Campaign Pro) into their new graduate programs around campus, their enrollment numbers will continue to increase.

“When we launch a new graduate program we can go to that department and show them how we can use EMAS to create and maintain communication plans with their students so that they don’t have to think too hard about it or create a shadow system on their own,” said Maki.

The University of Michigan-Flint is located in Flint, Michigan and offers both Undergraduate and Graduate degree programs.