University of Wisconsin-Parkside

As one of the newer campuses of the state university system, University of Wisconsin-Parkside has established ambitious enrollment growth targets. EMAS Recruitment Pro will provide the help they need to meet their goals.


In January 2006, Governor Jim Doyle signed into law the Wisconsin Covenant – both a forward-looking challenge for state high school students to earn a college degree and a commitment to provide those students with an academic home at one of Wisconsin’s public or private institutions of higher education.

UW-Parkside, as part of the state school system, supports the Wisconsin Covenant’s programs for educational attainment, especially for the state’s under-represented students. The school’s partnership with EMAS Pro now gives them powerful tools to meet these and other recruitment challenges.


UW-Parkside’s previous recruitment activities lacked the capacity for communicating effectively with prospective students and couldn’t measure the value of contacts that were made. Before EMAS Pro, the staff had no choice but to wrestle directly with the large ERP/SIS (enterprise resource planning/student information system software). This did not give admissions staff the control or the results they wanted.

Like a lot of campus admissions offices, the UW-Parkside team learned that a student information system, although powerful, cannot be easily tamed to do specific and detail-intensive tasks like enrollment management.

A well-designed CRM system – dynamically pulling information from the ERP system – can not only add functionality, but also improve level of service, shape enrollment, and build a stronger and more committed student body. UW-Parkside was gratified to discover that EMAS Pro comprises an intuitive yet comprehensive system built around the ways enrollment professionals actually work.

As UW-Parkside’s Interim Director of Enrollment Management, DeAnn Possehl is eager to move beyond the rigidity of the ERP system and into a customized and flexible recruitment solution using EMAS Pro. Since we have a small staff and a lot of work to do, we are expecting EMAS Pro to improve staff efficiency while helping us give prospective students more individualized attention. We’re hoping that EMAS Pro will help improve communications, strengthen relationships, and provide actionable data for decision making.”

Anna Gosselin, VP of Client Services with Education Systems, Inc. (makers of EMAS Pro), has partnered with the UW-Parkside team. “This school is focused on results. Now that EMAS Pro can provide a user-friendly front-end to their ERP system plus a best-in-class communications engine for targeting student populations, the team here at UW-Parkside will have more control over enrollment than ever before. The school will see results – both in the near term and far into the future.”

As part of their EMAS Recruitment Pro implementation, University of Wisconsin-Parkside has chosen to include several modules to further streamline operations:

  • Telecounseling Pro – for facilitating an effective and user-friendly call management program
  • Online Pro – for developing an integrated, student-facing portal on the school’s website
  • Campaign Pro – for development of engaging e-mail campaigns – easy to manage and enhanced with rich media – to supplement ongoing communications with prospective students
  • EMAS Managed Services – for consulting time and operational resources from Education Systems, Inc. to accelerate data projects and customizing as needs arise


Just south of bustling Milwaukee, the University of Wisconsin-Parkside provides a calm counterpoint, nestled in the idyllic park-like setting that gives this area its name. Founded in 1968, the campus has now grown to include 5,300 students – primarily undergraduates either in the arts and sciences or in business and technology.