Enrollment Management Action System
Professional Edition

EMAS is a full spectrum CRM solution, offering you the tools you need
to meet your enrollment goals with efficiency, effectiveness and at a competitive price.

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Key Enrollment Actions all Possible with EMAS

Centralized student data management CRM

Manage all student data in one central place

Start with a Robust CRM Database, the EMAS Recruitment Pro database, a sophisticated foundation to collect, store, view and process 1000s of student data points in one common location, easily and securely integrated with your SIS and other data sources.

Multi-Channel Communications • Robust Tracking & Reporting • Qualify Applicants

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Gain unique insights with cloud-based data dashboards and pre-written reports

Gain insights about your prospective students

There are 70+ standard reports that enable you to view, assess and act on the data and your efforts related to enrollment results, telecounseling calls, and communications. 12 different dashboards enable you to filter your data to get insights into your student attributes like never before.

Cloud-based Data Dashboards • Standard Reports • Custom, Dynamic Queries

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Do more with less by focusing on students most likely to enroll

Anticipate which students are likely to enroll

You can’t do it all. Budgets, staff and time force you to “do more with less”. EMAS can help you start each day with insights on which prospective students in your enrollment funnel are most likely to enroll. Analyze your historical student data in our standard model or customize a model to meet your needs. The resulting ESI Score will help you narrow your focus on the students that most need your attention in the enrollment funnel.

Model Scoring • Data Analytics • Measure Progress through the Enrollment Funnel

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Nurture your prospects anytime, anywhere with staff-facing mobile student recruitment

Access your student data anytime, anywhere

Mobility is key. Now you have the choice! Work from your desktop or take EMAS on the road. Access, view, edit and add to student records from anywhere, on any device with an internet connection. While shoulder to shoulder with prospects at high school visits or if you see them in the grocery store, have the latest student information at your fingertips. Tell them if they got in, what’s missing from their application and when they can expect the viewbook!

Mobile Recruitment • Actionable Data in Real Time • Call, Text and Email from the Road

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Engage prospects with online applications and event management

Engage students 24/7

Give the power of contact and connection to your students! Give them the choice of filling in inquiry forms and, once they decide to apply, make it easy with online application forms. Empower them to reach out and come to campus for tours, interviews, visit days, program nights, and more with our Event Management calendars and scheduling tools.

High School Visits • Event Management • Inquiry Forms • Campus Events • High School Visits

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Easily manage your recruitment territories and high school visits

Manage your recruitment and territories

Know how many students are in your territory with easily accessible student data dashboards and reports. Plan your travel and outreach communications based on how interested they are in your institution and how well they meet your admissions standards. At the same time, actively manage relationships with your feeder high school and college counselors.

Travel Management • Map Your Route • Engage from the Road • High School & College Top Feeder Reports

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Plan, schedule, track and report on all student recruitment calls

Make targeted and timely calls

Plan, schedule, track and report on any and all calls made by your recruiters, counselors, admissions staff, student workers and/or call center staff. Not sure what to say? No problem. You can script the words for each type of call, empowering each caller to be informed and confident with your prospects.

Call Scheduling • Call Lists • Call Scripts • Call Results • All Integrated With Communication Plans

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Target your outreach with unlimited, personalized emails and text messaging

Send unlimited, personalized emails & text messaging

There is no limit to the number of emails and texts you can send. Choose the volume that matches your outreach strategy. Then raise it or lower it as your strategic plan changes. Tap into the powerful database to personalize each and every email or text message.

Text Messaging • 1-1 Emails • Emails to specific groups of students • Automatically Triggered Communications • Target your Outreach

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Empower anyone on campus to build branded emails from pre-approved templates

Design, brand and build email templates with ease

Not good at HTML Code? Have trouble engaging IT to help you build your next campaign? We can help. Build emails with ease. Anyone on campus can build responsive, graphic-rich emails for you to send out to your prospective students using the branding, images, and formatting that you choose.

Build emails with no HTML skills • Custom Templates

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Analyze the effectiveness of your email campaigns for continued improvements

Email performance analytics

Track and act on delivery success, views, click-throughs, bounce backs, and opts-outs to iteratively improve your campaign performance, week to week, year to year.

Analyze Opens, Click Thrus, Bounce Rates • Template Review and Analysis

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Make the most of limited resources with professional custom CRM services

We’re here to help

Whether you need training, or help managing the database while a key staff member is on leave, EMAS can help. We also offer consultations on strategy, best practices and gap analysis, and custom work projects such as User Exits and Data Bridges to your SIS or other systems.

Database Management •Maintenance Assistance • Custom Programming • Custom Reports • User Exits • Bridges with your SIS

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Stay on the leading edge with free webinars and ongoing professional development

Ongoing professional development

You need to stay sharp to stay cutting edge. Our Client Education Opportunities help you keep your competitive advantage. We offer a 24/7 online Learning Center, Thought Leadership SEMinars, Annual Conferences, and Free Webinars.

24/7, online learning center • Free Webinars • Workshops • Onsite Training • EMAS Pro Annual National Conference

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