Engage Students and Manage Travel

Engage Your Prospects with Online Apps, Event Management and more

Engage Your Prospects

Student-initiated contacts are a GREAT indicator of student interest. EMAS helps you give your prospects many ways to engage with you. Offer them the opportunity to get to know you and ask questions. Create and manage a year-long calendar of events. And when they are ready… offer them your online application form available 24/7 to fill in the moment they choose to apply.

Online Student Inquiries

Inquiry Forms

Logic-capable inquiry forms help you gather as much information about each student as they are willing to share with you. This information feeds directly in to your student records and is immediately actionable for your best next steps.

Online Event Registration

Manage Your Events

Engage students through online, self-registration for any and all of your events – on or off campus.

  • High school visits
  • Campus Tours
  • Interviews
  • Orientations

Manage Student Recruiting Territories

Manage Your Territories

Use heat maps, dynamic queries, student interest data and ESI score data to focus on the students that need your attention the most.

Online Student Applications

Application Forms

Customize your application forms to gather the information you need and want about each student. This information feeds directly in to your student records to help you with tracking requirements and admissions decisions.

Communicate with High School Counselors

High School Counselors

Sometimes High School Guidance Counselors are you next best friend when it comes to recruiting students. Engage these essential partners in your recruiting success with automatic and ad hoc communications.

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