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Experience the Power of Mobility

Education Systems Inc. is very pleased to now provide the EMAS Mobile Companion to empower you and everyone involved in recruiting to take EMAS Recruitment Pro on the go!

EMAS Mobile Companion is a mobile application that empowers users to securely access, add to and interact with student data in EMAS Recruitment Pro through the EMAS Data Integration Platform. Engage the EMAS Mobile Companion on your personal phone, tablet, and/or laptop.

Active recruiting is at your fingertips, no matter where you are or what you are doing. EMAS Mobile Companion is an extension of your work space and processes.

Staff-facing student recruitment for higher education

Recruiters and Counselor can be Mobile

Recruiters & Counselors

  • Call, text and email anytime, anywhere
  • Access ‘just-in-time’ information at High School Visits and College Fairs
  • Let students know what application documents are missing, in real time

Admissions Staff can be Mobile

Admissions Staff

  • Engage your student workers in data gathering during campus tours
  • Choose to work from home, office or the local coffee shop

Senior Leaders can be Mobile

Senior Leaders

  • Access student data when parents, donors and partners call
  • Answer questions about your prospects when you need it with easy access to their data

Manage Recruitment Data on Any Device

Everyone Engaged in Student Recruitment

  • Be consumers of your student data anytime, anywhere
  • Use it on your tablets, phones, desktops, laptops
  • Trigger communication plans with updates to the student record

“We have been getting really good response from our counselors who have been on the road with [EMAS Mobile Companion]. During high school visits, events and fairs, they are able to look in the system and tell the student ‘Oh, you were just admitted 2 hours ago. Welcome to the Pack!’ That has been going over really, really well. And when they pull out their tablets and they do that, the counselors end up getting quite a crowd. So it’s generated a level of excitement that we haven’t had before.”

~Chrissy Holliday, Vice President of Enrollment Management and Student Affairs, Colorado State University Pueblo

Excite students with instant results from mobile recruitment

Be a Pro on the Go with
EMAS Mobile Companion

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