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EMAS is a powerful database filled with as much student data as you want to collect. EMAS Kaleidoscope helps you view that data through different filters to help you gain unique insights that you won’t get from tables and tables of data. Tap into the power of dynamic dashboards to understand their attributes, look at patterns of their behavior and interactions, and apply historical trends to see who would be likely to enroll in the future.

Gain Insights about your Prospects

Student Attributes

12 different dashboards and 26+ filters help you gain insights from your student data – feeder HS, gender, location, GPA, test scores, & other attributes.

These insightful combinations of current and historical data points help inform your best next step plans, today, tomorrow and throughout each recruiting season.

Focus your Outreach

Student Actions

Use insights from student actions, like student-initiated & campus-initiated communication history activities, to determine where to focus your outreach efforts. These insights help inform your ROI and assist you in planning your best next steps.

Predict Likelihood to Enroll

Likelihood to Enroll

Each student’s ESI Score helps you know, from day to day, how likely they are to enroll in your school. Use this information to focus your efforts to nurture the rights students through the funnel.

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