EMAS® Recruitment Pro Suite Satisfaction Assurance Warranty

We understand selecting your enrollment CRM solution is a significant decision.  Yes, it is an investment.   Yet, you can rest assured, EMAS clients experience helpful outcomes.  More importantly, as a new EMAS Client, your own satisfaction is assured!

Education Systems, Inc. stands behind our EMAS Recruitment Pro Suite solutions to help assure your success. We provide you the following “no-nonsense” satisfaction assurance warranty to help protect your investment.

“If during the first 6 months from the effective date of your agreement you are not satisfied with your EMAS Recruitment Pro suite, you are entitled to appropriately cancel your EMAS usage license agreement, remove the software and data, and at your choice either receive a full credit refund of your institution’s actual payments made to be applied on any other Education Systems offering, or receive a payment refund less any implementation direct out-of-pocket and/or outside expenses incurred by Education Systems, Inc. on your institution’s behalf.”

Andrew M. Nassir
President – Executive Director
Education Systems, Inc.