EMAS Pro National Advisory Councils

EMAS Pro National Advisory Council

We care deeply about the success of our clients. Therefore, we seek and receive direct feedback from our clients on a regular basis through day-to-day conversation, feedback forms, and surveys. The National Advisory Councils (NACs) serve as a representative voice of EMAS Pro users at large by recommending enhancements and improvements to our solultions.

We take your inputs seriously.

This information provides us with an in-depth understanding of our client experience and indicators of your future needs. We use these insights as a basis to shape our company goals.

NAC members:

  • Are high-level members from EMAS Pro colleges and universities
  • Serve a three-year term
  • Enjoy shaping the future of their own investment in EMAS Pro

The EMAS Recruitment Pro National Advisory Council is comprised of seven members, representing the diversity of our client base.  Each year, some of the seven members will complete their term and new members will be elected. This rotation of representation ensures that we have a constant influx of new and important ideas to keep us innovating for your success.

Would you like to serve on our enrollment management system National Advisory Council?