FAQs about Student CRM Software

How does EMAS Pro integrate with my SIS (Student Information System)?

You can easily import and export data to and from EMAS Pro, with our standard single and multi-file import and export formats.  Use the EMAS Pro standard import tool to import data from other university systems.  Imports are available through EMAS Pro in .dbf, .sdf, .xls and other file formats.

Integration between the EMAS Pro CRM and your Student Information System happens through a user-initiated batch import/export data exchange.  That exchange happens on the frequency, time schedule, and direction that you select.  Many clients choose to do a daily batch export from their SIS on a nightly basis after scheduled backups.

How does EMAS Pro handle Tech Support?

Our clients repeatedly tell us that our service and support makes all the difference! You’ll find online resourceslive web meetings and e-mail and phone support as a critical part of our commitment to your success.  We do everything we can to make your EMAS Pro enrollment software experience as great as it can be.  (It’s our focus, because higher-education enrollment management software — from recruitment to retention — is all we do!)