Managed Services

Sometimes schools don’t have as many resources as you need to get it all done. Or, sometimes the resources you have are dedicated to a time sensitive project and can’t focus on the other things that need to be accomplished. You might even have the resources available, but not the technical expertise.

At EMAS Pro, we recognize these day-to-day resource challenges and have a solution! (Actually, we have many . . .)

Let our CRM software experts perform your time-consuming tasks — so you can focus on your enrollment outcomes. Let us be your staff multiplier! EMAS Pro services fill in the gap with extra hands-on assistance from our EMAS Pro professionals.

Customized Programming

Work the way you want to work!  Our highly-experienced EMAS Pro team can build custom features to automate your unique data processes and maximize benefits from your data integration.

Professional Services

For the school that doesn’t have the time or resources, you can purchase temporary or ongoing support (from the same list of helpful services below) based on your monthly staffing needs. Your personal EMAS Pro team member will review your needs, plan the approach, schedule — and then perform the tasks that would otherwise drain your time, including:

Choose from:

Professional Services for Six Months


Schools that select this option are investing in a seamless transition during internal staffing changes or a new ERP rollout

Professional Services for One Year


Schools that select this option are investing in a short-term solution to cover staffing shortages, time limitations, or short term performance goals

MOST POPULAR: Ongoing Professional Services


Many institutions elect to staff their departments with EMAS Pro Professional Services as a permanent part of the team, allowing their staff more time to focus on enrollment efforts