Predictive Student Retention Models

In the retention program, it is better to be proactive to engaging with students, than reactive, especially with at risk students. Therefore, EMAS Retention Pro is built on the best practices in the retention industry.

Designed to address the unique challenges of each institution as they evolve, you can easily customize and weigh key variables in student behavior that lead to college student retention and success. Factors can be either success factors (high GPA) or risk factors (first generation college student). Once the student retention model is determined in EMAS Retention Pro an Institutional Retention Risk Score will be applied to all students to measure the success or risk of losing that student.

Retention: Plan

Our Retention Risk Score helps you see right away how each one of your students are doing – individually, in student segments and as a student as a whole. Student scores from institutional models are prominently displayed in eye-catching, triaged colors in the student record. Both institutional scores and personal scores are actionable – based on common factors as well as individual personal factors. These scores are dynamic so support/service providers can monitor student data changes over time.

Data Collection, Tracking, Measurement and Reporting
EMAS Retention Pro collects tracks and analyzes campus-wide student data points to help determine key variables in student behavior which contribute to success and retention. Using this data iteratively improves your individualized interventions.

Pre-Programmed Student Risk and Success Factors
We pre-programmed EMAS Retention Pro with the most common factors that pre-identify students for risk and success and front loaded them into EMAS Retention Pro. This means that from Day One, you can monitor your students’ against these factors. Over time, you can customize these factors based on your institutional experience and the unique experiences of your individual students.

Multiple Models
EMAS Retention Pro does not limit your institution to only one model. You will have the ability to create multiple Retention Risk Models and apply them to any designated student segment, examples being: freshman, freshman Hope Scholars or Female far from home.

Retention Predictive Model

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