College Student Retention Solution

Champion Student Success

Keeping students on track and moving forward requires constant engagement and transparent provider collaboration.

EMAS Retention Pro pushes student information to you with the Retention Scorecard and Student Watch Lists, to help you decide your “Best Next Step” with each student.

Though highly customizable, it comes pre-programmed and pre-configured, so you can start achieving positive outcomes in two months.


Seamless SIS Integration

Use intuitive field mapping to seamlessly integrate with your SIS as well as other standard data sources from on or off campus.

User-Friendly Dashboards

The user-friendly, customizable dashboards help you view, input and edit student data as you work with students or are doing your planning. This dashboard can include your “To do” Lists, Reports Quick View, Notifications, Student Watch List and more.

Effective Student Tracking

Every interaction with each prospective student can be recorded and tracked. Access and analyze this data through the use of queries and reports to determine your Best Next Step.

“Thank you for the GREAT work you all do and the EXCELLENT services you all provide. You’re always there when needed, answer every question and most importantly – try to decipher & deliver the BEST solutions to each institution & its employees.”


~Tomeka Black, Delgado Community College



Retention Scorecard

Based on predictive models and your risk and success factors, the Retention Scorecard immediately tells you the status of each student, compared to your other students. Use this color-coded alert system to decide if and how to engage your students. These scores are dynamic so support/service providers can monitor student data changes over time..

Student Segments

Use the 20+ pre-configured student segments to monitor students that are more likely to need your support and attention. Customize these as you learn more about your students.

Student Watch List

The eye-catching Student Watch List helps remind you to monitor your at-risk students. Click the links to the individual student record to see what’s happening for each student.

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Multi-Channel Communications

Keep your students engaged with 20+ pre-programmed communication plans and unlimited ad hoc communications. Send SMS texts, emails and make phone calls with academic warnings, announcements, and event / meeting invitations, reminders and notifications.

Early Alerts to Service Providers

Send alerts to other providers about a student to rally support for the student when they need it.

To-Do Items

Use the to-do list to keep track of appointments and tasks. This helps you and your colleagues easily facilitate campus-wide collaboration and makes your engagement with students more effective and timely.

Schools Already Enjoying the Benefits of EMAS Retention Pro Include:


Dynamic Decision Support

More than 10+ standard reports in EMAS Retention Pro provide you with the information you need to make decisions and measure outcomes. Produce these reports annually, quarterly, monthly, weekly or daily to meet your agility needs. Data is updated automatically.

Activity Log

Providers can assess the level of student engagement over time through the activity logs, where all student interactions are tracked. Quickly review activity over time and make the best next action plans.

Academic Course Data

Access a student’s academic course load and performance for this term or entire academic career. Look at grades over time to quickly determine the direction of student progress. Collaborate with the student’s team of instructors to drive student success.

Champion Student Success with
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