Reach Your Students Where They Are

Reach your students where they are with a variety of multi-channel communications.

Inquiry Forms • Phone • Text Messaging • Email • Print Mail
Campus Events • High School Visits • Travel Management • And More

At EMAS, we recognize that each school has a diverse recruitment pool. Each student group has preferred methods of contact and typically responds better to unique, personalized messaging. With this in mind, our solutions provide a wide range of communication tools that can be tailored to your specific institutional needs.

Reach your prospects in their space with multi-channel communications

Get to Know Your Prospects Better

Gain insights on prospective students with our comprehensive CRM. Become familiar with the types of students in your enrollment funnel and iteratively improve your personalized outreach to better student relationships.

Stay in Touch with Text Messages, Emails and more

Reduce headaches with our “bulletproof” and easy to use email campaigning system.
Seamlessly send, receive, and track individual and group text messages. Engage specific segments of your recruitment pool with personalized, targeted messaging.

Enjoy the Freedom of Mobile Access

Actively and securely connect to your student data, anytime and anywhere with mobile access.

Easily Connect via Forms, Events and Travel

Effectively plan and track your High School Visits based on the information offered in a multitude of reports. Empower students through online, self-registration for any and all of your events – on or off campus.


“We wanted a system that can separate prospective students into meaningful market segments and automate email marketing and telecounseling campaigns.”
~Beth Azevedo, Director of Admissions, Black Hills State University

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