Thought Leadership SEMinars

Senior leaders responsible for Student Recruitment, Student Success, Student Retention, and Financial Aid… this is for you!

It is often difficult to take time away from the busy pace at the office to develop professionally. But our students need us all to be at the top of our game so that they can get the educational experience they need, want and are paying for.

Recognizing this need, EMAS Pro has compiled a thought leadership SEMinar series for senior leaders at community colleges, 4-year colleges and universities. The Thought Leadership SEMinar Series is so named because we have asked thought leaders in the higher education space to speak and engage us in discussion about how to do ‘Strategic Enrollment Management,’ otherwise known as SEM.

This series was inspired by the book published by AACRAO and sponsored by EMAS Pro entitled Strategic Enrollment Management: Transforming Higher Education, and is guided by Drs. Ron and Dori Ingersoll, co-editors and authors of this book.

We recommend that you watch these videos in order of presentation, in order to have an understanding of the process needed for change. Or dive into any one video if that topic is top of mind for you. We hope you find them useful!


Throughout the thought leadership SEMinar series, Drs. Ron and Dori Ingersoll also published a blog to support senior leaders and reflect on leading this change. Feel free to read the blog posts and offer your comments.


  • Build a road map for the resulting paradigm shift in SEM
  • Explore emerging and future dynamics in the practice of SEM
  • Learn how to advance your enrollment management strategies
  • Gain insights and new approaches for sustainability
  • Develop new paradigms


  • Gain exposure to cutting edge thought leadership, without leaving your office
  • Receive guidance on relevant topics facing your school
  • Develop your personalized road map for strategic transformation of your institution
  • Stay ahead of the curve when dealing with issues that threaten student success at your school
  • Optimize your critical Strategic Enrollment Management decisions—budget, strategy, implementation, evaluation
  • Recognize return on investment of your time and money through the resources available to you with EMAS Pro
  • Documented, ongoing professional growth opportunities to assist you with promotion and advancement
  • If you miss a SEMinar, don’t worry. Each seminar will be posted on immediately following the live discussion
  • Leverage the history of Strategic Enrollment Management, while engaging in innovative, visionary thought leadership