Solutions to Common Enrollment Management Challenges

Higher education professionals like you tend to face certain enrollment management challenges. The stories below are taken from our 40+ years experience with enrollment professionals across the country.  You’ll see how EMAS Pro solutions and our online resources can address your specific problem. Click on your challenge(s) below to see how . . .

  • No IT Support
  • Not Meeting Enrollment Goals
  • Lacking Personalized Communications Strategy
  • Need Key Selling Points
  • I'm New and Don't Know What to Do
  • Too Many Unprepared Students
  • Need Better Progress Tracking
  • I Need to Analyze my Data to Adjust my Messaging
  • Need Easier Access to Data and Reports

Problem: “I want a CRM solution but I don’t have IT support”

We get it! Small schools rarely have the budgets for specialized IT support and larger schools rarely have the bandwidth to provide you with the specialized IT support you need when you need it.

Here’s how you too can use EMAS Pro solutions to help meet your needs . . .

Solution:  Software that talks to your existing systems

emas-q2sallySally D., Director of Enrollment Management, is not a “techy person” but knows with the right software, her life can be easier. Unfortunately, Sally doesn’t have the IT support she needs. She needs to run whatever software she decides to use out of her office, on her own.

In the decision to go with EMAS Pro, Sally discovered she needs software that is understood and adaptable to the school’s other software systems. With EMAS Pro, Sally can easily access the databases the institution already has, which will only enrich her relationships with prospects!

She also learned she doesn’t have to do it on her own . . .

Solution:  Tech Support that gets rave reviews

Sally was pleased to hear that EMAS Pro Tech Support is available as needed to help her with her tech needs, no matter how big or small. Reading the client reviews, she was impressed that the Tech Support staff gets such great reviews!

Solution:  On-Demand Training Accessible 24/7/365  Online

She also liked knowing that there is a knowledge base of documents and on-demand training available on EMASU. So if she had trouble with a new application, she could learn how to use it on her own time, when she needed to.

But Sally was absolutely sold on EMAS Pro when she learned that if the “techy tasks” become too much for her and her busy schedule, EMAS Pro Managed CRM Services could do the “techy stuff” for her!

EMAS Pro could even host everything on EMAS Pro servers!

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Problem: “I’m not meeting my enrollment goals and I don’t know why . . .”

This is a common problem, especially these days. Jon Boekenstedt’s recent blog post about the pressure on senior leaders in the admissions world to meet their targets is eye opening.  We understand.

Here’s how you can utilize the entire EMAS Recruitment Pro Suite to help you meet your enrollment goals . . .

Solution: Systematic Enrollment Management Process

emas-q2garyGary P. is the Vice President of Enrollment Management for a mid-sized, 4-year college in the Midwest. His school is struggling with declining enrollment numbers. The President expects that Gary will fill seats every year in order to keep revenue up.  But the faculty and student affairs staff don’t want just any student; they want the right students to maintain the quality of their programs and to stay with the school through graduation.

Gary isn’t sure why they’re not getting the number of students they need. His gut tells him that if he had the data, he could get the answer and then make the changes to the marketing strategy. Then again, the problem may be bigger — and maybe more than the marketing strategy needs to change. But his gut can’t help him choose the right solution.

Gary knows that there are fewer students in this generation in general, so the problem is not just happening for his school. Gary would like to know how other schools are dealing with this trend in declining students.

He also knows that with fewer students going to colleges like his, he and his team HAVE to step up their game when it comes to convincing students to choose to HIS school.

Solution:  Review Solutions Focused on Recruitment

Gary requested a live demonstration of EMAS Recruitment Pro — and discovered a powerful relationship management tool that he can use to:

  • Gather the data he needs to understand his prospective market
  • Generate the reports on that data

In other words, EMAS Recruitment Pro will help Gary implement a systematic enrollment management process. With these results, he and his team can:

  • Send automated communications to specific market segments to generate the student enrollment rate that he needs.
  • With EMAS Online Pro, build a student portal to help students stay connected with his school and stay on track through their enrollment checklist.

Gary was excited to learn that EMASU, EMAS Pro’s learning center, has video recordings of SEMinars. 

What’s a “SEMinar”?  They’re free webinars featuring thought leaders in higher education, and they’re dedicated to dealing with data analytics and how they can inform strategic plans. These SEMinars would help Gary get smarter about his data and use that data to inform his next steps.

Gary can also read blog posts on strategic enrollment management to get advice on best practices.

The thought leadership blogs posts and SEMinar resources line it all up for Gary, and they’re free!

After the demo, Gary read the Client Success Stories to see how other schools have used EMAS Recruitment Pro to meet their enrollment needs. He’s ready to get more ideas on how EMAS Recruitment Pro can help him — as well as his program.

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Problem: “I need a more personalized communication strategy…(and a tool to make it happen!)”

A personalized communication strategy is key to attract, recruit and retain prospective students in today’s market. The personal approach is best. Here’s how you can use EMAS Pro solutions to help meet your needs  . . .

Solution: Learn Best Practices and Create the Right Plan First

emas-q3tashaTasha M. is a new Director of Admissions at a mid-sized 4-year public university in the Midwest. Her senior administrators have given her permission, as well as a budget, to build a 3-year strategic enrollment management plan — and to purchase the software to implement the new communications strategy that comes out of that planning. She wants to be able to customize the order and timing of communications, and create different series for each stage in her enrollment process.

Three EMAS Pro solutions can give Tasha the help she needs to build her strategic enrollment management plan. The strategy has to come first.  Tasha can:

  1. Access the EMAS Pro Blog which has free advice from Drs. Ron and Dori Ingersoll.  (Tasha can post comments or ask questions about a particular blog post and begin a dialogue with these experts.)
  2. Watch the Thought Leadership SEMinar Series — a free 7-part series for senior leadership on how to develop a strategic enrollment management program that is ready to deal with the many changes facing higher education today.
  3. Follow @EMAS Pro on Twitter to get daily updates on the latest marketing trends in higher education.
  4. Engage any of the SEM Consulting partners recommended by EMAS Pro to guide her and her team on the right path.

Solution: EMAS Recruitment Pro and its Powerful Communications Tools

Once Tasha has her strategic enrollment management plan ready to go, she can create a comprehensive communication flow using the powerful Automated Communications within EMAS Recruitment Pro to send the right personalized messages to the right students at the right time.

She can enhance this personalization with EMAS Online Pro, a software add-on that gathers data about each student through a customizable student portal.  This can help Tasha and her data management system know each prospective student much more personally.

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Problem: “We don’t know what our key selling points are…”

Prospective students do not see the value of your school, AND/OR the value of your school is very weak.

Solution:  Align your Messaging with Your School’s Value

Identifying and selling the value of your school to prospective students and their influentials is a very difficult strategic challenge to master. It may be that you are not perceiving your school’s true value correctly OR the messaging about your school is not aligned with its value, OR both! How do you tell the difference and what do you do about it?

Here is a short scenario on how you can utilize the entire EMAS Pro Suite of Solutions to help you meet your enrollment goals.


Tom V. is the Vice President of Enrollment Management for a small, private school in Texas. He knows that understanding the value of the school has to come first. Only then can he figure out which students would enroll and pay to capture that value. With these two strategic milestones in place, he can effectively and efficiently use a software system and his knowledge about his students, enrollment management and the market, to target the right student segments with the right messages.

Tom’s Solution

There are four EMAS Pro solutions that Tom can use to get the help he needs to assess his team’s messaging and his school’s value:

Once he has his school value fully articulated, Tom can use EMAS Recruitment Pro to send the right personalized messages to the right students at the right time. With 70 reports available, Tom can analyze this data to target the students whose interests will best resonate with his school’s value.

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Problem: “I just got the job, and I don’t know what to do…”

Congratulations! You got the job! This is great news. Now you need to get started on the right path so that the years you invest at your new school can be productive and rewarding.

Here’s how you can use EMAS Pro solutions to help meet your needs . . .

emas-q5jobJerry P. is the Director of Admissions at a large, public 2-year college in Florida and just got hired to the school from a college in Montana. Being new in town and to this school, there is a lot about his school and his community that Jerry does not know, including . . .

  •  What types of students typically enroll in his community college
  • Which local high schools feed application submissions
  • And how best to take advantage of EMAS Recruitment Pro — a tool  his new school uses, but his previous school did not

Solution:  70 Pre-Formatted Reports!

Jerry’s new school uses EMAS Recruitment Pro — a CRM solution for student relationship management with 70 pre-formatted reports!  Jerry can access these reports quickly to see the typical prospects, the feeder schools and all the other data he needs to understand his local market. He can quickly analyze why students choose his school so that he can recruit and enroll more like them!

Once Jerry understands his market, he can evaluate the school’s current communication plans, marketing materials and application process for their effectiveness.

Solution:  Student Portal Customized for Each Student’s Interests

Jerry can coordinate with other admission decision makers to recruit the right students that fit their programs. Using EMAS Online Pro, he can build a customized student portal that personalizes information based on each student’s interests.

Using the powerful Automated Communications within EMAS Recruitment Pro, Jerry can send the right messages to the right students. This will help him access all the data and reports he needs and then turn that data into targeted action to recruit his ideal class.

EMAS Pro Tech Support is available as needed to help Jerry with his technology needs, no matter how big or small. Reading what EMAS Pro clients say, he was impressed that the Tech Support staff gets such great reviews!  (And Jerry notes there is on-demand training and support documents available on EMASU – where he can learn more about EMAS Pro software as he needs to.)

Best of all, Jerry liked knowing that if learning a whole new software system becomes too much for him during his transition, EMAS Pro Managed CRM Services can do the “techy stuff” for him until he has it all figured out. Knowing he has that support (at whatever level he needs it) is incredibly reassuring as he begins his new job.

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Problem: “I have too many unprepared students . . I need more qualified students who will enroll AND complete our programs”

This is happening more and more. The link between recruitment and retention is becoming more intertwined. Schools can no longer just fill seats. They have to fill seats with the right students — the ones who will persist and graduate. For all sorts of reasons, schools need to be enrolling students “with the end in mind” -– student success!

Here’s how you can meet your enrollment goals . . .

emas-patriciaPatricia L. is the Admissions Director at a large, 4-year college on the Atlantic Coast. Even though her enrollment numbers are high, the school is having a hard time keeping students in its programs and preventing students from dropping out.  Students are under-performing and good programs are not being populated by students.

There are too many unprepared students being enrolled in the program, mostly because the school needs the tuition money to survive.

At this point, this school has 2 choices: 1) either the institution recruits more qualified students, or 2) it faces the possibility that it will close.

Patricia needs to find students that want her academic programs and that can be supported by their student affairs program. Patricia may be able to take advantage of data and data analytics to inform her decisions on identifying her ideal target markets and prospects. She also needs to determine the school’s “value” to students so she can accurately market the academic programs and match student readiness.

Solution:  Recruit to Retain, based on 70 pre-formatted reports

Patricia learned about EMAS Recruitment Pro from a colleague. This robust CRM is capable of using the information gathered in its student data warehouse to create 70 detailed reports on different enrollment statistics — everything she needs to make the right decisions about recruiting the right students.

Solution:  Predictive Models Assess Student Success Potential

Coupled with the power of EMAS Retention Pro, which uses predictive models to assess each student’s success/at-risk potential, Patricia could assess which students she should recruit based on how likely they are to stay with the program.

Using these assessments and the Automated Communications within EMAS Recruitment Pro, Patricia can target individual or groups of students with personalized messages at the right time and in the right communication channel to support their application process in a targeted way.

She can use these software solutions right away — but Patricia may want to take a step back and reflect on her strategy for this challenge.

Solution:  Ideas and Best Practices from Leading Experts

To help her with the strategic thinking, EMAS Pro has free resources and publications to help the senior leaders at her institution think about how to prepare students for success.

  • The 7-part EMAS Pro Thought Leadership SEMinar Series can put Patricia in touch with effective ideas and experts to talk to. If she watches each SEMinar in the series, she will have a roadmap to follow. The first SEMinar, “Creating and Sustaining Effective EM Programs and Services,” focuses on the student success conundrum, a concept explored by three leaders in higher education – Lisa Rhine, Zeb Davenport and Miguel Martinez-Saenz.
  • The Thought Leadership Blog and Special Reports offer advice on best practices. For example, the most recent Special Report, “Recruit to Retain: A Communication Model…” focuses on a new model for communication to specifically address the retention challenge as part of the recruitment process.
  • Patricia can follow @EMASPro on Twitter to get daily updates on the latest issues and trends in higher education and how thought leaders are dealing with them.
  • Additionally, if she really needs help, EMAS Pro has a list of recommended SEM Consulting Partners who can give her advice on best practices.

If they are willing, Patricia can engage senior leadership and the entire institution in reflective conversations about what might need to change to get the right students and keep them!

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Problem: “I need better tracking of our progress toward our enrollment numbers…

…and benchmarks at each step to compare my planned numbers against my actual numbers.”

It’s true that your strategic success is driven by the gathering, analysis and use of good, quality data.

Here’s a look at how professionals like yourself can use EMAS Pro CRM solutions to gather, track and analyze your progress against your established benchmarks.

emas-paulPaul is the Dean of Admissions at a large, public 2-year college in Florida. He has been with the program for 5 years. Paul is facing problems with their current admissions recruitment capabilities and processes, and he is looking to overhaul the system. He thinks this will help them get (and keep) the right students.  He does not know where to start to get the job done and doesn’t currently have the solution to achieve goals.

He wants a tool that will give him the information he needs to make the right decisions on which students to recruit and how to support them in the enrollment process.

Solution:  Recruitment CRM System with 70 Pre-formatted Reports

EMAS Recruitment Pro, a powerful data management system, has the capability to gather all the data Paul needs about every student and every student segment in each stage of the enrollment process. It also has 70 standard reports that will inform him about the trends in the data. Paul can use these reports to compare his planned metrics against his actual metrics to measure his progress.

Solution:  Free On-Demand Webinars and Blog Posts on Data Management

In addition to software, EMAS Pro also offers thought leadership solutions for senior leaders and practioners. There are two in particular that would be helpful to Paul.

  1. EMAS Pro Blog written by Drs. Ron and Dori Ingersoll. These experts have been consulting in the field of enrollment management for more than 30 years. Available for free on the EMAS Pro website, their blog posts offer advice to leaders like Paul on how to think about building a strategic enrollment management plan. He found blog posts #18 (Knowledge Management), #21 (Enrollment Success) and #24 (Assessing Enrollment Management) to be very useful for his own situation.
  2. To help him think about data in the right way, three of the seven SEMinars from our recent Thought Leadership SEMinar Series focus specifically on data and data analytics for decisions at the senior leader level.

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Problem: “I need to analyze my data and adjust the marketing message appropriately — but I don’t know how”

Analyzing data and using it to drive the enrollment program, including your marketing messages, is key to keeping ALL of your prospective students moving along the path toward enrolling with your school.  In today’s rapidly changing marketplace, this has to happen on a very frequent basis.

Solution:  The Right Software Can Put the Right Data In Front of You

If you identify with this problem, be open to the idea that the problem may not only be in marketing messaging . . . it may be larger.  The data analytics from the right software can help you see your blind spots. Do you have the right software to open your viewpoint so you can see all that needs to be done?

Here’s how one school is making this a reality with the EMAS Pro Suite of Solutions.

emas-bert2Bert T. is the Director of Enrollment Management for a small, 4-year private school in the Northeast. He has been watching as the industry is changing:

  • There are more and more adult learners in freshman classes (but not his!)
  • More international students are enrolling in colleges (but not his!)
  • Many students take online classes at traditional colleges (but not his!)

Bert knows that his college has value, and that it has a lot to offer many different types of students. Unfortunately, his office has not been successfully reaching and enrolling these new student market segments. They have been marketing the same way they always have been.

Solution:  Learn What’s Working from Other Higher Education Professionals and Experts

There are three EMAS Pro solutions that Bert can use to get the help he needs to assess his team’s messaging and his school’s value.  He can:

  1. Watch the Thought Leadership SEMinar Series which is a free 7-part series for senior leadership on how to develop a strategic enrollment management program that is ready to deal with the many changes facing higher education today. In particular:

    These 3 Seminars speak specifically about how to use data to drive decisions. And the experts featured all use data to drive their strategic enrollment management success.

  2. Access the free Special Reports offered by EMAS Pro. The “Recruit to Retain” Special Report speaks directly to the issue of building the right communication model to attract the right prospective students.
  3. Engage any of our SEM Consulting partners to guide him and his team on the right path.

Once Bert knows what data he needs and how he wants to use it, he can use EMAS Recruitment Pro and EMAS Online Pro to gather the data about each prospective student. With 70 reports available, Bert can analyze this data to target the students that he wants to choose his school for enrollment. Then, with the powerful Automated Communications in EMAS Recruitment Pro, Bert can send the right personalized messages to the right students at the right time.

When you’re ready to how EMAS Recruitment Pro can make your data analysis and personalized communications more effective, contact us or  Request a Demo

Problem:“I need easier and faster access to data and reports – so I can turn data into action.”

As the amount of information about each student increases, colleges have to find ways to manage their “big data” and nimbly turn this information into usable, valuable, informative data and reports. Here’s how EMAS Recruitment Pro can help you do this . . .

emas-patrickPatrick N. is the Director of Admissions for a small 4-year private college in the northeast. Patrick needs to be able to access and use a variety of data — to create reports on the status of the enrollment management program at a moment’s notice — for his recruiters, the university president, and other decision makers. He wants to ensure the best use of the data to meet enrollment and student success goals.

Solution:  Recruitment CRM with 70 Pre-Formatted Reports

Fortunately, Patrick’s university has EMAS Recruitment Pro a data management CRM that easily merges with the university SIS.  EMAS Recruitment Pro includes 70 pre-formatted reports (plus, Patrick can build additional reports himself).  Patrick can quickly access and produce the reports he needs on a daily basis for his recruiters, his budget meetings, and for his annual strategic enrollment management planning process.

Patrick also knows about the videos of EMAS Pro’s Thought Leadership SEMinar series hosted last year.  When he has the time to do some strategic thinking about gathering data and using it to his advantage, he can easily download and watch the video recordings.  The SEMinars feature higher education senior leaders and experts, all of whom use data to drive their strategic enrollment management success.  Some of these experts include:

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