Nurture Your Prospects

The EMAS Recruitment Pro suite of CRM solutions has what you need to help you take the Best “Next-Action” to nurture your prospects through the funnel.

Achieve strategic long-term results – and your targeted enrollment objectives – with customized communications plans, real-time campaign results, out-of-box reporting capabilities, online student applications and more. With robust capabilities you’ve never had before, you’ll reach the right student, with the right message, at the right time.

The EMAS Recruitment Pro suite of CRM solutions empowers you to accomplish more with the same staff as well as dramatically increase your conversion and yield rates by combining flexible, user-driven solutions with an affordable investment.

Integrates with your Student Information System

Seamless SIS Integration

Use intuitive field mapping to seamlessly integrate with your SIS as well as other standard data sources from on or off campus.

Automated Student Tracking

Effective Student Tracking

Every interaction with each prospective student can be recorded and tracked. Access and analyze this data through the use of queries and reports.

Automated Communications

Multi-Channel Communications

Precisely target and engage your prospects with automatically triggered SMS text messaging, emails, hard mail, phone calls, and postcards.

Targeted Marketing

Student Segments

Communicate with and target students based on an infinite number of student segments. Use queries and filters to narrow your scope to niche segments.

“We have used EMAS Pro to exceed each of our enrollment goals for 2015. EMAS Pro has helped us to communicate with all our potential students by connecting students, faculty, and administrators with our prospects. No job is too big or too small for EMAS. We get the students we want with EMAS Pro.”

~Chris Cordodor, WSU, National Advisory Council President

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