student enrollment management software solutions for both recruitment and retention

EMAS = Enrollment Management Action System

40+ Years of Proven Strategic Enrollment Management Success in Higher Education

EMAS Pro has 40+ years of experience supporting colleges and universities like yours to  “Recruit to Retain” the right students.  We have a dedicated leadership team and staff with deep experience in higher education.

We’ve formed strong and long-time partnerships with industry experts like ACT, AACRAO, Noel Levitz, and Drs. Ron and Dori Ingersoll. Through these partnerships, we’ve developed a deep understanding of how to create a comprehensive software suite to help community colleges, private 4-year universities, large public universities, graduate schools, and career colleges:

  • Recruit a more qualified class
  • Achieve your recruitment goals at less cost and with fewer resources

All EMAS Pro clients receive on-going support from our top notch, dedicated staff through our One Client Experience approach for the lifetime of our partnership.

Since 1969, the EMAS Pro team has directly served hundreds of colleges and universities across the United States.

With this history, EMAS Pro is a recognized leader in providing Strategic Enrollment Management software solutions for student recruitment.

EMAS Recruitment Pro Software

EMAS Recruitment Pro Software

One of the most comprehensive software solutions for identifying, communicating with, and proactively recruiting prospective students.

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