EMAS Pro National Advisory Councils

EMAS Pro NAC 2013-14
2013-2014 NAC in St. Louis

Because we care deeply about the success of our clients, we seek and receive direct feedback from individual clients on a regular and ongoing basis. Periodically, we tap our clients for a more in-depth understanding of our client experience. We also want to shape the future of our products and services based on your future needs. We take your inputs seriously — and use them as a basis to shape our company goals.

To help guide strategic inputs to our solutions, we established National Advisory Councils (NACs) for each product line.  These volunteer councils serve as a representative voice of EMAS Pro users at large by recommending product enhancements and service improvement.

Council members:

  • Are high-level members from colleges and universities who are EMAS Pro client institutions
  • Serve a three-year term
  • Enjoy shaping the future of their own investment in EMAS Pro

The Advisory Councils are comprised of seven members.  Each year, some of the seven members will complete their term and new members will be elected.  Elections are held at the annual EMAS Pro National Conference, and newly-elected members and alternates are notified and become active members of the Council the following week.

Would you like to serve on our enrollment management system National Advisory Council?