Thought Leadership, Technology and Service Solutions to Help You Achieve Your Goals

I’m Andrew Nassir, President and Executive Director of Education Systems, Inc. EMAS Pro.  As a potential client (and hopefully, a long-term partner with EMAS Pro), you might be interested in  who we are, what we seek, and what we value.

QuotationMarks-5Our Vision at Education Systems, Inc. is to create the most effective student enrollment management and student success solutions possible!

While our solutions are technology based, we never forget that you are in the “people business” (as we are) as we seek to assist you, your college, and your students!

To help meet our Vision, our Mission includes that EMAS Pro will . . .

  • Be innovative  in our “thought leadership” . . . especially in our collaborative conversations among Higher Education leaders, and within our EMAS software and service solutions
  • Focus our technology and service solutions to help you attain goals  . . . including your own professional goals, your students’ goals, and your college’s goals

Our Education Systems, Inc. (ESI) history was originally as a non-profit 1996 spin-out from ACT (American College Testing) in Iowa City.  We continue to respect our higher education heritage in our work with you, our colleagues. You can count on us to honor our ESI Core Values as we serve you.   Our core values include:

  • Our client base growth and retention rates reflect our quality.
  • We strive for straightforward, respectful, and honest interactions.
  • We communicate proactively, purposefully, professionally, clearly, candidly, and constructively.
Openness / Accountability
  • We see transparency and mutual accountability as sources of strength and success.
Urgency and Purpose
  • We act with a sense of urgency and purpose to enhance our competitive advantage.
  • Creativity and innovation are the roots of our uniqueness.
  • While our organization has rules and structure to function efficiently, when a rule is in conflict with fairness, fairness is to prevail.
Focus and Discipline
  • Our sound business practices strategically focus and discipline our efforts to create effective outcomes.
Differences and  Diversity
  • We acknowledge that our differences and diversity can become a source of strength for us to attain outstanding results. We value the individual contributions of each team member.
Culture of “Ownership”
  • We nurture the culture of individual and collective ownership of our roles, business, and results which drives our company’s success.
  • We are never done learning.

Consider partnering with us now for your enrollment management solutions success!   Don’t hesitate to contact us.   You be the “judge”.   Give us a try!


Andrew M. Nassir