Save Big with EMAS Pro Summer Savings Deals
Summer savings are here! Take advantage of any or all of these great EMAS Pro offers today and “cool off” your budget! 

Email Extravaganza Package

07/01/18 – 09/30/18

EMAS Campaign Builder
EMAS Services Email Bundle
Email Configuration Service

Benefits: Empower non-technical staff to easily create HTML emails. EMAS provides professional builder services (8 hrs) towards configuring one of your own campus emails for subsequent use, plus you get an extra pool of 100,000 emails available during your first year.  Builder supports unrestricted # of registered users.

Regular Price: $8,500 first year includes 8 hrs professional configuration service and one-time 100,000 extra emails; $7,500 annually




• Waive $750 One-Time Setup Fee

• Savings on included configuration service and emails

• Sign up for 3 years to lock in current price savings of $7,500 for years 2 & 3

EMAS Campaign Builder Special

06/26/18 – 09/30/18

EMAS Campaign Builder

Benefits: No HTML experience needed to easily recreate multiple emails with various layouts. Protect your institutional brand. Built-in workflows with approvals create simple communications across campus. Builder supports unrestricted # of registered users.


Regular Price: $7,500 annually; $750 one-time setup fee



• Waive $750 one-time setup fee 

• Sign up for 3 years to lock in current price savings 

Get 10% More for 10% Less

07/01/18 – 06/30/19

EMAS Pro Liberty ConnectU
All of the power of EMAS Recruitment Pro with an added layer of awesome! 

Benefits: Save $ plus receive more services with variable and personalized fulfillment, marketing and creative solutions from EMAS Liberty ConnectU (brand development, graphic design, copywriting, video production, etc.). Complementary reviews to determine if we can save you at least 10% more on current services and save at least 10% on your current expenses! That’s a whopping 20% benefit your first year!

Regular Price: what your campus pays now to other providers



10+% savings plus receive 10+% additional services

Some normal “fine print” Terms & Conditions apply…

» Above offers may be combined

» Unrestricted numbers of users may be identified for any campaign builder accounts  

» Email service will continue if quantities are exceeded, however normal overage fees then apply 

» No rollover credits are provided for unused emails 

» Service requires EMAS access T&C; Fees are billed & payable in advance  

» Information is current July 10, 2018; however may be changed without advance written notice