You have student recruiting pain points. EMAS Pro solves them.

You have student recruiting pain points. EMAS Pro solves them.

Smart communications, mobile recruiting, predictive analytics, and more…all in one flexible and affordable college CRM.

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Empower Enrollment

Imagine what you could accomplish with these capabilities - all in one powerful, flexible, and affordable CRM

Reach niche markets like never before with robust, automated communication plans for any combination of student criteria

Fully mobile staff-facing recruitment means you can act on your data anytime, anywhere. Let a student know they’ve been admitted while on the campus of their high school and watch the buzz build!

Clicks-not-code email building and university brand protection that anyone on campus can use. Oh, and did we mention built-in workflows with notifications?

Monitor progress towards your goals with easy to read data dashboards and both pre-written and custom reporting tools

Students can take advantage of a personalized online portal, web-based applications and inquiries, and event registrations

Our support team is second-to-none and our staff is so dedicated that we know our clients by name.

Elevate Achievement

We have over 150 combined years of service and development in the Higher Education space, and it shows. Let us help you work smarter.

Integrate Seamlessly with your SIS

EMAS loves Banner, Jenzabar, PeopleSoft, and many more!

Complete Student Files Faster

Robust tracking and automated communications keep those transcripts rolling in

Connect with Other Tools

API integrations let EMAS "talk" to external applications such as FrontRush and VisitDays

Reach Your Students Where They Are

With multi-channel automated communications, including text messaging

Automate Manual Processes

No more manual management of imports and other processes

Evaluate Campaign Effectiveness

Detailed email and telephone campaign analytics as well as both standard and custom reports

Find Your Tribe

Enjoy a personal relationship with us and your fellow EMAS users as networking and feedback opportunities abound

Manage Territories & Travel with Ease

Simplify the management of travel and recruiting territories for your recruiters & counselors


Imagine never having to deal with scattered information living in various spreadsheets again. How much easier would your job be?

EMAS is a flexible, centralized system that weaves together information from your SIS and other sources in your toolkit with prospective student recruitment data and communication histories, empowering you to reach the students you want with the right message at the right time.

Nobody else comes close to the power of our communications engine, so your recruitment efforts won't be held up by limitations. 

And to top it all off, we are the friendliest crew in the biz. We will take the time to get to know you and your unique challenges, because we truly care about your success.

EMAS is all about empowering YOU to empower enrollment. Envision what we can do together.

Expect Results

See what our clients have to say and then see for yourself.

We’ve seen a great return on investment from the EMAS multi-channel comm plan. It’s on a schedule, it makes sense, and it has sent enrollment numbers up significantly.

Heath Sims
Marketing & Communications Specialist

The EMAS support team is a huge part of our enrollment success. From the implementation process to our current use, the support team has gone above and beyond expectations to provide the answers and solutions needed. The support team is one of the many reasons why I love EMAS!

Brittany Crawford
Director of Admissions

We have used EMAS Pro to exceed each of our enrollment goals for the year. EMAS Pro has helped us to communicate with all our potential students by connecting students, faculty, and administrators with our prospects. No job is too big or too small for EMAS. We get the students we want with EMAS Pro.

Chris Cordodor
Systems Manager

We just integrated the Campaign Builder feature and we are so impressed at how easy it is going to be to send emails!! This is really going to help us with recruitment!!

Cody Spitz
Director of Enrollment Services

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