Get Ready for Fall 2019

It is June and time for you to look at your overall results of what to expect for fall. You should be saying:


If you are not ready for Fall 2019, you must consider two things:

  • How do we meet our goals for Fall 2019?
  • How will we meet our goals for Fall 2020?

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CRM, Social Media, and Health Management in Colleges & Universities

One of the CRM Systems and Social Media Systems’ uses over the recent past is to indicate people who might be best business customers for markets.

The purpose of this blog is to explore new uses for these systems.  We are going to do that by looking at how CRM and Social Media Systems can be used in a particular situation – secondary health care in universities and colleges.

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The Importance of Communication: A Real Situation You May Never Have Faced

The spring had become a difficult time for the faculty. They had decreases in enrollment and the president’s idea of making up the numbers with international students was not working and no one knew what the results were at this point. Their spirits were low and they did not know where to go. They had been reading the newspapers and other media about admissions at other schools for fall 2019 and it was not good!

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