Student Recruitment CRM Software Success Stories

Michigan Technological University

The university  moved to a targeted, personalized email program using EMAS Recruitment Campaign Pro (ECP).  MTU now analyzes email campaigns on a regular basis. Summary reports flag immediate and long-term results of each email campaign. This ability to drill down on email campaign performance has helped MTU reshape MARCOM Strategy and has benefitted MTU outcomes in powerful ways.

Eastern New Mexico University

“With the EMAS Pro Power Report Writer (EMAS Pro PRW), ENMU has been able to streamline many different processes, especially with a very important market segment. Not only has this saved time for our Coordinator of Technology and Communications (EMAS Pro Admin) but also created more buy-in and ownership from our recruitment staff.”

Southern New Hampshire University

“At Southern New Hampshire University, we offer a wide range of undergraduate, graduate, certificates and Ph.D. programs via different delivery systems at several domestic and international campus locations. Each program/location was operating their recruitment and enrollment process differently, and each process was largely manual and not standardized.”


University of Michigan Flint Graduate School

“Our undergraduate program was using EMAS Pro and I attended a training seminar with them when they were transitioning into the new version. I immediately saw the benefits of EMAS Pro and inquired about using it for graduate admission purposes.” -Brad Maki, Director of Graduate Admissions

University of Wisconsin Parkside

As one of the newer campuses of the state university system, University of Wisconsin-Parkside has established ambitious enrollment growth targets. EMAS Recruitment Pro will provide the help they need to meet their goals.

Eastland-Fairfield Career & Technical Schools

“We are more efficient, look more professional, and definitely are more accurate with our reports thanks to EMAS Recruitment Pro!” -Angela Lehew, Marketing & Recruiting Specialist

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