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“It is easier to change people than it is to change people.”


This was a quote from one of the presidents we have worked with in the past few years. It can be read two ways; in our world it reads “It is better to work to change the people I have than it is to find a new person.” In most cases that is what is needed to move an enrollment and student success effort to the next level. Once you have made the decision to keep someone in a new position or to improve their current effectiveness, the choices available to help them are often minimal. Training or development programs often come at the wrong time, in the wrong place with the wrong emphasis.

Personalized leadership coaching is the right answer for many colleges and universities. The individual develops to the degree desired, in the right skills, knowledge, and achieves a real passion for success at your institution. The process starts with an assessment and development of the goals to be achieved and this leads to a solid partnership that moves the participant and the school toward higher and higher achievement.

This type of process is offered by Drs. Ron and Dori Ingersoll. With 38 years of experience in enrollment and higher education, the Drs. Ingersoll provide assistance in developing skills in leadership, management, marketing, use of analytics, planning, working with faculty, training and staff development, doing research, and other areas. Each individual we assist uses a program specifically developed for the individual and their school.

A new Business Model for Enrollment and Student Success in Higher Education will be available March 1, 2015 in an eBook format.

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