JCSU Team Brings Home the Win at EMAS Pro Conference

Strategic automation expedites student admissions and drives up enrollments

San Diego, CA, July 18, 2019: The team from JCSU, consisting of Director of Admissions Vory Billups and Data Entry Clerk Kayla Ratliff, was awarded the coveted EMAS Pro Innovation Award at the EMAS Pro Conference this June for a highly impactful improvement to their admissions process. Former winners of this award include Southern New Hampshire University, University of Wisconsin-Parkside, Washington State University (their innovation has now been commercialized!) and Henderson State University.

After recognizing a delay in moving students to the “Decision” stage of the enrollment funnel even when they had test scores and/or GPAs in the system, Mr. Billups became concerned that the delay in the admissions communications may have a negative impact on yield. His solution was to commission automation programming that would move students from the “Applicant” stage to the “Decision” stage based upon meeting certain GPA and test score criteria. The outcome was much speedier admission decisions and much timelier admission communications for the students. JCSU is expecting improved enrollment numbers this fall as a result.

Of the school’s victory, Admissions Director Vory Billups said “I credit Johnson C. Smith University’s Leadership, Admissions Team, and the EMAS Support Team in the development of this innovative initiative. As we continue to imagine that there is no box, the success is evident in the outcomes.”

To accomplish this automation, Vory and Kayla planned and executed the following tactics:

  • After recognizing that there was a need for mitigation of delays in admissions communications, Vory entered discussions with EMAS Pro for custom automation. He then allocated budget funds to ensure that the project could be completed.
  • By including programming to identify whether the admit was done automatically or by a staff member in their specifications, they also ensured that any needed training issues would be readily discernable.

About JCSU: Johnson C. Smith University is an independent, Historically Black university located in Charlotte, N.C. It has a growing national reputation for integrating the liberal arts with business, the sciences and technology in ways that empower tomorrow’s diverse entrepreneurial citizens and leaders to be change agents in their professions and communities.

About EMAS Pro: EMAS Pro is a provider of flexible, affordable recruitment and communications CRM software specifically designed for Higher Education. Empower Enrollment™ with EMAS Pro.


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