EMAS Campaign Builder

Email Campaign Building Can Be a Pain. 

Too much back-and-forth between departments create a real bottleneck in getting your campaigns finalized and launched. Edits, image requests, communication of details, launch timing, and audience specifics are just a few of the things that hold up email campaigns.

Then, even after all of the back-and-forth, your campaign may still need to go to a graphics person to work with images, text and logos…and then maybe even to a developer to code in links and work with the HTML.

Lots of valuable time and resources can become wasted with this inefficient process. Enter EMAS Campaign Builder.

Imagine if you will…

What would it take to make this process efficient, effective, and easy? The solution must:

  • Protect the University Brand
  • Ensure Consistent Messaging
  • Shorten the Timeline from Conception to Send
  • Enable Staff with no Technical Skills to Build Emails
We have the perfect solution.

And it’s powerful, flexible, and simple.EMAS Campaign Builder removes the headache from building emails.

  • End users can easily customize messages from pre-approved template elements.
  • Brand is safeguarded by limiting what can be modified in the template
  • Users can edit the content they are allowed to edit, but only within the parameters that are set for them
  • Users cannot break the bulletproof HTML code

In addition, granular permissions mean you can create independent department workflows and libraries that are customized to meet requirements per department.

Our clients have reported that what used to take 2 weeks now takes 2 hours!

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